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Oleuimmu®is an Olive leaf extract trademark of Shanghai Aidu Biotechnology Co., Ltd, a manufacturer, supplier and marketer of herbal extracts applied in dietary supplements, sports nutrition and food industries.

Aidu supplies authentic Oleuimmu® with the high quality that was confirmed by an international third part - Eurofins.

Serial Number 88948825
Registration Number 6398028
Status 700 - Registered
Status Date 2021-06-22
Filing Date 2020-06-04
Registration Number 6398028
Registration Date 2021-06-22
Mark Drawing 4000 - Standard character mark Typeset
Published for Opposition Date 2020-11-24

Current Trademark Owners

Party Name Shanghai Aidu Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
Party Type 30 - Original Registrant
Legal Entity Type 99 - Other (limited company (td.)).

Meet Oleuimmu® Olive leaf extract :

Olive leaf
Oleuropein 20%
Oleuropein 40%
Oleuropein 50%
Olea Europaea L.
3 years
Green to brown powder

Oleaimmu® contains a natural source of Oleuropein standardised by HPLC. Oleuropein is one of the most important characteristic biomolecules from Olea europaea L. In different studies, Oleuropein has shown high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory activity and helps with glucose balance, supports immune system and C ardiovascular health.

Oleaimmu®is designed to enhance health naturally without side effects.

How does Oleaimmu® work?

Oleaimmu® and its bioactive compounds have shown three main mechanisms of action:
Macrophage and granulocytes stimulation to initiate a proinflammatory pathway to help combat pathogens.
Oleuropein breaks down hydroxytyrosol during the digestion, which may promote bacteria cell walls breaking, and cellular membrane damaging.
Oleaimmu® may attenuate the overall inflammatory state, reducing inflammation in several cell types.
Oleaimmu® may as well have a positive effect on glycemia regulation, thanks to the modulation of the activity of several enzymes.

The benefits of Oleaimmu® includes:

♦ Support Cardiovascular Health
♦ Support High Antioxidant
♦ Anti-Inflammatory
♦ Supports immune system
♦ Helps with glucose balance

Why Oleaimmu®?

• 100% Natural
• Non-GMO
• BSE/TSE free
• ETO free
• Allergen free
• As traditional medicine used in the Mediterranean area that appeal to consumers as natural, effective, and safe solution.
• Produced by ISO9001/22000, HACCP, CGMP quality standard
• Heavy metals limits set forth under California Proposition 65
• PAH4 comply with European food regulations
• Tested by Third-part lab

Where to buy Oleaimmu® Olive leaf extract?

Oleaimmu® Olive leaf extract 20% oleuropein, 40% oeluropein, 50% oleuropein is available from Shanghai Aidu Biotechnology Co.,Ltd in China and USA

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