DHMSober™ is an Dihydromyricetin trademark of Shanghai Aidu Biotechnology Co., Ltd, a manufacturer, supplier and marketer of herbal extracts applied in dietary supplements, sports nutrition and food industries.

Aidu supplies authentic DHMSober™ with the high quality that was confirmed by an international third part - Eurofins.

Meet DHMSober™

DHMSober™ is our Dihydromyricetin from Vine tea in Asia, it doesn’t just prevent hangover and protect liver, but also sobers you up quicker.



Vine tea

Dihydromyricetin 50%
Dihydromyricetin 98%


Ampelopsis Grossedentata


3 years


Light yellow to off white fine powder


Kosher                                                                      ISO9001/22000

DHMSober™ s the world’s first standardrised Dihydromyricetin to be made commercially available on the market.

Dihydromyricetin is a flavonoid most typically extracted from vine tea (Ampelopsis grossedentata), but it also can be extracted from the bark of the Holvenia Dulcis tree.

Known for more than centuries, Dihydromyricetin has been used as an anti-alcohol herb and hangover cure in Korean and Chinese traditional medicine. Recent studies suggest that Dihydromyricetin could lower your blood alcohol level and protect your liver from damage and disease.

DHMSober™ Benefits

Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is a supplement that helps to enhance alcohol absorption. It works by inhibiting the enzyme ADH (alcohol dehydrogenase), which is responsible for metabolizing alcohol in your bloodstream. It works by triggering the liver to produce more ethanol-eating enzymes, including alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). That is to say, it speeds up the liver's ability to metabolize alcohol.

• oliver protecting
• oalcohol enzyme enhancing
• oantioxidant boost
• omay reduce hangover symptoms
• oimproved exercise ability
• oimproved high altitude performance

In addition, DHM is getting popular in sports circles because of the fatigue recovery and improvement exercise performance ability.

Why DHMSober™?

• 100% Natural
• Non-GMO
• BSE/TSE free
• ETO free
• Allergen free
• Produced by ISO9001/22000, HACCP, CGMP quality standard
• Heavy metals limits set forth under California Proposition 65
• PAH4 comply with European food regulations
• Tested by Third-part lab

Where to buy DHMSober™ Vine tea extract?

DHMSober™ Vine tea extract Dihydromyricetin 98% is available from Shanghai Aidu Biotechnology Co.,Ltd in China and USA

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