EPIMEDIUM POWDER EXTRACT Latin Name: Epimedium Sagittatum Active ingredient: Icariin or Icariins Purity: 10-98% Icariin HPLC / 10-40% Icariins HPLC

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Latin Name: Epimedium Sagittatum

Active ingredient: Icariin or Icariins

Purity: 10-98% Icariin HPLC / 10-40% Icariins HPLC




EPIMEDIUM POWDER EXTRACT, also known as "Horny Goat Weed," is widely considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac. It gets its nickname from the observation that goats, after consuming this herb, begin to copulate. 

EPIMEDIUM POWDER EXTRACT tonifies Kidney Yang and has the ability to strengthen the bones and structural system of the body, including the joints, lower back, and knees




1.      Aphrodisiac: EPIMEDIUM POWDER EXTRACT has long been considered as an extremely potent aphrodisiac. The compound icariin that is found in EPIMEDIUM POWDER EXTRACT works by relaxing muscles by increasing the nitric oxide levels and increasing the blood flow to the sexual organs, thereby increasing libido and desire. This is definitely one of the main benefit of EPIMEDIUM POWDER EXTRACT.

2.      Controlling Asthma: A Chinese study has shown that EPIMEDIUM POWDER EXTRACT can be helpful in alleviating airway inflammation by decreasing the activities of some proteins that are responsible for the production of leukocytes in inflammatory areas in the lung, thereby helping with controlling the effects of asthma.

3.      Anti-Aging Properties: In a study on the effects of the flavonoids derived from EPIMEDIUM POWDER EXTRACT on laboratory animals, it was found that many age related metabolites such as amino acids, unsaturated and saturated fatty acids etc. showed evidence of being reset at a younger level. It can be said therefore that Epimedium icariin does have some anti-aging properties and can be used towards the same.

4.      Cancer: EPIMEDIUM POWDER EXTRACT benefits have been studied in detail on the cancer cells and have been proven to be effective in decreasing the ability of invasion of cancer cells as well as the migration of the metastatic cancer cells, thereby indicating that it possesses the properties of an effective anti-cancer drug.

5.      Erectile Dysfunction: Apart from being an Aphrodisiac, EPIMEDIUM POWDER EXTRACT has been effectively used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In an Italian study, it was reported that icariin has the same effect on the erectile tissue in penis as Viagra. The suggested icariin dosage for ED is 200mg/kg of body weight of a 40% icariin concentration as converted into human dosage. Calculated, it translates into a 900 mg for a 150lb person.

6.      Memory Enhancer: Studies have shown that the administration of icariin has been able to increase the blood flow to the brain and showed improved learning ability and memory. The effect is mainly attributed to the plant’s antioxidant properties and its effect on the nerve impulses as well as the circulatory system.

7.      Osteoporosis: Icariin has been proven to promote the growth and development of the osteocyte cells and contributing to bone remodeling, thereby indicating that it can be used as an effective drug in the control and treatment of osteoporosis.

8.      Body Building and Sports: Icariin has proven to be an extremely powerful and potent supplement for body builders and athletes, mainly due to its testosterone and Nitric Oxide boosting properties, both of which play a crucial role in athletic performance, especially in the area of endurance and body building.

9.      Women’s Sexual Health: Whereas the effects of Icariin on Men's sexual health and performance is well known and documented, the administration of icariin can also improve the sexual health and performance of women by a huge margin, mostly owing to the production of Nitrous Oxide that improves the flow of blood to the sexual organs, clitoris and vagina. The strength of EPIMEDIUM POWDER EXTRACT supplement for women, however is recommended to be much lower than men.

10.  Relieves Menopausal Symptoms in Women: The icariin present in EPIMEDIUM POWDER EXTRACT has been found to have dynamic effects of bioactivity longer than conventional menopausal treatments. Epimedium has also shown to encourage balanced estrogen and estradiol levels in women, providing a beneficial effect for menopausal women.


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