xylitol Medical features:
- Feb 28, 2019 -

 xylitol  Medical features:

1, 100% natura xylitol API can be made into infusion solution used in surgery and infusion, after clinical validation, xylitol infusion is more stable than glucose infusion components, especially after the surgical anesthesia and surgery, sugar metabolic barriers, cannot use glucose, is a kind of ideal infusion solution, xylitol can quicken the flow of red blood cells, and can maintain the red blood cell negative charge, well control the content of blood GSH make surgery incision healing degree good, time is short.

2, 100% natura xylitol API good thermal stability, heating does not produce chemical reaction with amino acids.Configuration and amino acids can be all kinds of preparations, suitable for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hepatitis, avoid sugar patients and elderly patients special infusion solution.

3, 100% natura xylitol apis can promote the synthesis of glycogen yuan, reduce the consumption of fat and protein in liver tissue, make the protection and repair the liver, improve liver function in patients with liver disease and fatty liver, the effect of treatment of hepatitis of sex of hepatitis b, hepatitis b, chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis have obvious curative effect, is an ideal auxiliary drug hepatitis complications of patients.

4. 100% natura Xylitol in enter cells and converted into D - xylose ketone alcohol and 6 - phosphoric acid fructose is without the help of insulin, so in the case of fasting, diabetes, and nervous, xylitol can normalize fat metabolism, lower free fatty acid level, plays an inhibitory effect of ketone body generated.Is the ideal of diabetes patients and hunger ketosis ketone body drug resistance.

5, 100% natura xylitol can inhibition the synthesis of fatty acids in biological tissue, reduce blood free fatty acid, pyruvic acid, adjust lipid metabolism and control weight, prevent obesity and so on.Xylitol in metabolic process, can supply NASPH2 (dehydrogenase), so that can restore glutathione and high iron red protein, can promote the suppressed the function of the adrenal cortex.This product and steroid combination, can prevent the pay the steroid medicines.

6, 100% natural xylitol injection can compatibility with a variety of injection.Some with glucose injection drug compatibility can produce turbidity and precipitate, such as sulfadiazine sodium injection, compatibility with xylitol injection is relatively stable.