Xylitol appropriate crowd:
- Feb 16, 2019 -

Xylitol appropriate crowd:

1. People with diabetes

Xylitol as a kind of functional sweetener, could participate in the metabolism of the body, into the blood stream, does not need insulin can penetrate into cells and metabolism speed, do not cause blood glucose, is the most suitable for people with diabetes eat nutritional sugar substitutes.Another sorbitol, maltitol and aspartame is also a good choice.It is important to note that the staple food sugar-free foods (cakes, moon cakes, etc.) itself is made from flour, if not add temperance consumption will lead to a rise in blood sugar.


2. The susceptibility to caries of adults and children:

Chewing gum can eliminate bad breath, oral cavity and the jaw muscle, relieve mental pressure and highly popular, especially the young, chewing gum is a kind of fashion, but the chewing gum contains sugar will greatly increase the incidence of dental caries.Therefore, sugar-free gum is these people don't.In the choice of sugar-free gum sweetener xylitol as a substitute for sugar not only has good taste, and can't metabolize acid production by streptococcus mutans, xylitol can be a large number of accumulation in the membrane of streptococcus mutans and produce poisonous to the cells, inhibit the growth of streptococcus mutans and reduce the adhesion ability of streptococcus mutans, resulting in a bacteriostatic action, thus affect the caries force, good anti caries effect.


In the country of origin of the xylitol chewing gum is xylitol chewing gum, Finland, therefore the finns caries rate is very low.In China, adult dental caries rate is as high as 50%, 77% have dental caries in children at the age of five.And no dental caries 5 years old children of more than 70% in Finland, the United States 5 years old children without caries rate is as high as 90%.Insist on using xylitol 85% can reduce the incidence of dental caries.