So What Makes Bacopa Monnieri Such A Powerful Nootropic?
- Feb 08, 2019 -

So What Makes Bacopa Monnieri Such A Powerful Nootropic?

First and foremost, bacopa is a natural growing herb. We tend to prefer nature's solutions over our man-made counterparts.

Bacopa has two powerful pathways towards better brain health and increased brain functioning.

The first is that bacopa is considered an adaptogen. You can think of adaptogen as any ingredient or chemical which helps your body overcome the effects of stress.

The second pathway is the ability of the bacosides (the active chemical compounds found in bacopa) to help improve the ability of your brain's neurons to communicate. Bacosides also help promote better kinase functioning in your brain (the enzyme process of breaking down substances to be used by your brain cells). Think of protein kinases as the hallway monitor for your brain. They are the key regulators of cellular functioning.

With improved protein kinases you get help in repairing damaged brain cells and a boost in the creation of new brain cells which ultimately pays off with increased nerve impulse transmission (all hands on deck and working hard).

The combination of these two massive benefits unique to this prolific, but unknown plant make it one of the leading natural treatments for improved cognitive functioning.