Olive leaf extract promotes the health of the immune system
- May 21, 2018 -

Not only is the story about Noah and ark mentioned in the Bible, but also its strong medicinal value is still attached importance to in today's society. Olive leaves have always been an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, and the incidence of cancer and heart disease in this area is very low. In addition, olive oil is used as the recommended cooking oil in many healthy recipes nowadays.

Another advantage of regular consumption of olive leaf extract is to promote the health of the body's immune system. It acts on cells and strengthens the body's response to bad bacteria. Olive leaves contain olivine, a powerful natural antiseptic, which is the biggest difference from common chemical antibiotics is that olivine does not cause immune system resistance. It provides a natural solution to common problems.

Strengthening the benefits of the immune system

The powerful immune system means healthier. The immune system plays a role in all aspects of the body. It has three defense levels. The first is the outer skin and mucosa, which act as a physical external barrier. The second tier is a natural system, a specific way of responding to viruses and bacteria. The third layer (and the most powerful layer) is the adaptive response of the immune system, and white blood cells attack the harmful body pathogens.

Realizing how important a powerful immune system is, it is natural to think about how to consolidate it. In fact, this is also the key to resist various diseases. Olive leaf extract provides a natural way to promote the immune system, so it helps the body better resist bacteria, toxins, parasites and viruses.

Thousands of years ago, the Mediterranean inhabitants knew that olive leaves had antibacterial properties. The ancient Egyptians used olive leaves extracts to make mummies to prevent decay. Olive oil also lowers blood pressure and blood sugar and improves heart health.