more xylitol function
- Feb 27, 2019 -

 more xylitol function 

 Weight loss function: xylitol compared with ordinary granulated sugar, has the advantage of low quantity of heat, xylitol contains only 2.4 calories per gram, 40% less heat than most other carbohydrates, thus xylitol can be applied to all kinds of food reducing weight, as a substitute for sugar of high quantity of heat.

Improve gastrointestinal function: xylitol can promote the bifidobacterium proliferation.Promote proliferation of beneficial intestinal flora, improving gastrointestinal function, has the very high biological activity, is a kind of promising functional added factor.

Hygroscopicity, used to make some dim sum, softer than sucrose be moist, soft and for a longer time, at the same time to extend the shelf life of food, such as making cake, bread, etc.Can be used as a cosmetic class wet adjustment, no stimulus to human skin.

Strengthen the palate: Edible can produce nice cool and refreshing feeling in the mouth, when after freezing effect is better, can be used in the comfort of cold drink, dessert, milk, coffee, etc.Also can use in health drinks, throat drugs, cough syrup, etc.Still can add peppermint, spearmint, etc. The food flavor.

 Prolong the shelf life: 100% natura xylitol by yeast fermentation, is bad for microbial culture medium, sweet lasting, so it can prolong its shelf life.

 Do not produce maillard Browning reaction: 100% natura xylitol is no aldehyde group and ketone group in the structure, heating does not produce  maillard Browning reaction, can be made into different flavors of baked goods.