How to distinguish health care products
- May 20, 2018 -

If a health food is to be sold in the market, it is necessary to use strict animal toxicology and human test to ensure that the product is nontoxic and has some special function. At present, the market sales of legal health food batch number "Wei food health", "national food health word" two kinds, before 2003 approved the approval batch number is "Wei food health word", after 2003, approved by the approval number is "national food health word". The batch number is printed on the side of the package, clearly indicating "Approval Number: * x *".

Food and drugs are easily confused with health food. The batch number of food is "Wei Shi Zi". Although food is safe, it has no functional test, so it is not allowed to propagate. At present, the market often has food to play the banner of health food hype function is illegal; secondly, the batch number of drugs is "medicine quasi word", the drug has a good therapeutic effect, but also has side effects. In addition, it is worth reminding us that the "medicine and health character" of health care drugs has been cancelled before 2004, and the batch number has not been allowed to circulate in the market.