How the difference between xylitol and sugar?
- Feb 24, 2019 -

How the difference between xylitol and sugar?

100% natural xylitol is not used by the bacteria in the mouth, with excellent dental caries prevention function, is widely used in chewing gum, prevent caries toothpaste, cosmetics, prevent dental caries for children food.


Although there are similar to the sugar sweet degree, but in your mouth out with cool feeling and generous sense of taste quality, the effect of the prevention of dental caries, holds the inhibition of dental caries of proteus effect, is the use of xylitol's biggest bright spot.In the 1980 s, xylitol abroad mainly for the production of sugar-free gum.After the 90 s, the international market of xylitol demand increased year by year.Due to the effect of preventing dental caries of the xylitol, also have a certain market in the toothpaste industry.


As a kind of natural sweeteners, it also has other advantages, such as without insulin in metabolic energy can directly enter the body cells, without causing increased blood sugar, can reduce diabetes people drinking, eating, urinary symptoms, has the remarkable effect that protect liver, is the ideal auxiliary therapeutic agent in patients with diabetes and liver disease and sugar to taste.At home, in recent years, many health care products, including xylitol, such as oral liquid, bowling and chewable tablets, cakes, biscuits and mass market.



Consumption of xylitol look like sugar, heat is the same as glucose, sweetness and sucrose, no smell, taste cool sweet refreshing, hygroscopicity, soluble in water.In industry, xylitol by corn cobs, bagasse, cotton seed shell, birch containing xylose (xylose) polymer materials, by hydrolysis, purification, hydrogenation, concentration, crystallization, separation, drying, packing and so on a series of machining process of xylitol.