Four trends in the development of botanical extract
- May 20, 2018 -

In recent years, plant extracts have shown strong growth momentum in the global market. As with the rapid development of the international market, the plant extract industry in China has also achieved rapid development. In the production capacity, the world's advanced plant extract producing countries are approaching, and the overall development momentum is good.

At present, China's extract industry has developed into a natural extract as the core, with traditional Chinese medicine extract as the characteristic, and contains the modern industry of plant extracts from all over the world.

The research direction of plant extracts industry has the following four trends:

(1) research and development of new products

With the development of science and technology and the development of plant research, scientists have discovered many beneficial new plant resources and functional components. The industrialization of these research results and the development of new plant extract products are the direction of continuous research in the industry.

(2) research and development of new technology

The plant extract industry is a newly rising industry with high technology content. The technological content of extraction technology largely determines the quality of the extract product. Process level is a key factor in determining the competitiveness of natural plant extracts. To improve and develop new technology, improve the extraction rate, improve the quality, reduce the cost, improve the technical and economic indicators of products, make the product process and quality surpass the international level is the current industry direction.

(3) research and development of natural active monomers

Because the component structure of the plant extract monomer is definite, the function is stronger, the price and the benefit are higher, the technological development direction of the natural plant extract product is to extract and separate the active active monomer.

(4) research and development of natural health functional products

As the natural and healthy consumption concept is gradually deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the market has shown unprecedented enthusiasm for the products, such as health food, cosmetics and feed additives added to the plant extract, and the development of this kind of product is also the research direction of the plant extract industry.