Application of botanical extract to natural spices
- May 20, 2018 -

Plant natural flavors are widely used in all aspects of the food industry, mainly used in soft drinks, candies, canned, baked food, wine and tobacco, as well as natural preservatives for food and fruit. Aromatherapy can increase the immunity of the human body, treat respiratory diseases, eliminate fatigue and anxiety, reduce mental stress and promote sleep, such as rosemary and lavender can treat asthma. In recent years, the "forest bathing" invented by the Germans is very popular in Europe and South Korea. The purpose is to let people absorb the fragrance and health of the pine and cypress.

The isolated products obtained from plant extracts can be used for the production of drugs with anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and anti-virus effects.

Natural spices are insect repellent, mildew proof and bactericidal. They can be used as insect repellents, fungicides and disinfectants. It is reported that 40 kinds of essential oils can be used as repellents for mosquitoes and mosquitoes, and some of them have been widely used. In the cosmetics industry, it can also be used to prepare natural fragrances, natural preservatives and nutritional agents. In addition, it is also used in toothpaste, detergents, rubber, plastics, hygiene products, stationery, paper and other industries.

Plant extracts are also good brightening agents and industrial auxiliaries in the electroplating industry. It can be used as mineral flotation agent, cleaning agent for optical instruments, diluents for solvents and paints, wood adhesives and heavy metal removers. In addition, its use in ink, textiles, building materials and leather products and other industries is becoming more and more large, especially as feed flavoring agent, can promote the appetite of poultry and livestock, and people attach great importance to it.