100% Natural Xylitol Product Description
- Feb 18, 2019 -

100% Natural Xylitol Product Description

100% Natural Xylitol

GMP production qualification

Grade: Medicine injection grade(USP BP FCC), Oral medicine(USP BP FCC)and Foodstuff grade(USP BP FCC)

Content: 99.6%; 99% over

Specification: 25KG/Bag.800 g/bag

Executive standard: National standard

Main applications: Sweetener

English name: Xylitol (aliss: Pentite)

Properties: Its molecular formula is C5H12O5 and is a 5-carbon sugar alcohol. It is the normal intermediate metabolin of xylose. It is white crystalline or crystalline powder in appearance, extremely soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol and methanol. Its melting point is 92 ~ 96degree and boiling point 216degree. When we eat it, it brings us a strong cool and refreshing feeling. In nature, it is widespread in fruits, vegetables, frumentum and mushrooms, and wood, straw, corncob and other plants. It is widely used as sweetener, nutrition agent and medicament in chemical industry, food, medicine, etc. As a natural plant sweetener extracted from white birch, oak, corncob and bagasse, Xylitol is native to Finland.

Xylitol is sweet and of nutritional value. It is also the normal intermedium of human carbohydrate metabolism. A healthy person contains 0.03-0.06 mg / 100 mg of xylitol in his or her blood, without even eating any food that has xylitol. In nature, the xylitol widely exists in all kinds of fruits and vegetables, but the content is very low. Xylitol, as a commodity, is a natural healthy sweeteners deeply processed from corncob, bagasse and other agricultural crops.