Olive Oleu

Olive Oleu

Latin Name: Olea Europaea L.
Active ingredient : Oleuropein
Purity: 10%~40%
Olive Oleu

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Latin Name: Olea Europaea L.

Active ingredient : Oleuropein 
Purity: 10%~40% 

Olive Oleu


Olive Oleu active component is oleuropein. Oleuropein can resist to insect and 

bacterial damage. Olive leaf extract (OLE) are now marketed as anti-aging, immunostimulator, and antibiotic agents


More and more studies are proving that Olive Oleu is a powerful medicinal tool; Olive Oleu benefits include cardiovascular and immune system support, an increase in energy and promoting healthy blood pressure.

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Olive Oleu  Benefits

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health

3. Diabetes

4. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

5. Improves Brain Function

6. Treats Arthritis

7. Kills Bacteria and Fungi

8. Improves Immune System

9. Protects Skin


Some more Olive Oleu benefits may include:


more energy

toothache relief

diminished food cravings

joint pain relief

heartbeat regulation

improved wound healing

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